Monday, April 28, 2008

SIoux Maq

Proposal by: d’Alicia Kong Ledden & Hannah Soll-Morris

The Sioux Maq Project is a movement inspired by the many vivid, purpley-red staghorn sumac blossoms along the Three Rivers Trail, particularly in the area behind the South Side Works. My project exists to celebrate the sumac trees and bring attention to Pittsburgh green spaces, particularly the Three Rivers Trail. Sioux Maq is a persona that I’m creating – a Pittsburgh sumac spirit. Sometimes it’s difficult to survive cold urban life without any money and unfriendly crowds, but the supernatural force of Sioux Maq is capable of nourishing the hungriest of Pittsburgh human conditions. After all, why be confined to indoor spaces when the weeds of the Pittsburgh experience can provide total artistic freedom? Stay tuned for the adventures of Sioux Maq and her escapades with her best friend, the river-dwelling Gnat Weed!

First of all, Sioux Maq will exist as a website that serves primarily as a blog. This blog will be maintained by myself and include my own Sioux Maq related artwork, but it will grow to become a space that allows for others to contribute their own ideas on the meaning of Sioux Maq so that she becomes a continuously inspired mythology. I particularly want to have Pittsburghers submit their own Sioux Maq related artwork so I can post it onto the blog. Those who submit resonant artwork will have their work published on the website and awarded something from the Sioux Maq Koo Toor Store.

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