Monday, April 28, 2008

Moss Chair among the Niche Trees: Combo Project

Moss Chair among the Niche Trees: Combo Project

Proposal by: Jonnathan Kang Park, Hannah Soll-Morris, Peter A. Stanick, Allison Sun
Adriane Cloepfil, Jennifer Hwang, Faith Lam, Susan Lin

Planting Niche Dogwood Trees

Project Proposal:
An orchard built on the trail along the Monongahela River. The layout of our orchard is fairly simple; we will plant trees in a semi-circle and have a small gesture (a patch of grass and a few stones) leading the visitor into the niche. Through the construction of the orchard, we hope to enhance the natural beauty of the surrounding environment and at the same time and provide a recreational space as well as a habitat.
And in the middle of this niche, a contoured wooden frame supplemented with earth and moss lends itself to a whimsical resting spot for walkers, joggers, and bikers along the river front path. The abstract form, that has elements similar to a bench, chair and lounge, is constructed to seem as if it is part of its' surroundings. Placed at a juncture in the path it encourages people to stop and enjoy one of Pittsburgh's many waterfront parks. The river is located less than one hundred feet away from the bench, and would be a great place to picnic. The 'Lawn Chair' encourages people to think about the unison of nature with our daily comforts. It lends transforms the river front path from a trail to get through, to a location to linger at and enjoy.

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Look at what I found while surfing the's like a combination between the mound idea and moss chair:

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